Elyse Hall


This is my main man Jeff.  I don’t post a lot about my personal life on here but since my Love is having a birthday I thought I would share with you 34 reasons why I truly adore this birthday boy!

34. I love how serious Jeff takes sports like: ping-pong, Frisbee golf, shuffle board ect…

33. I love that we have random dance parties in the living room with Olive
32. I love that he thinks I’m funny
31. I love that he know me so well (sometimes this can be annoying)

30. I love that he cries in movies

29. I love that Jeff has the cutest butt ever… seriously I pinch it every chance I get

28. I love that he is a great friend

27. I love that Olive has him wrapped around her little finger
26. I love his awesome personal style

25. I love that he loves to go antiquing
24. I love that he is a wonderful dad
23. I love that everyone who meets him loves him immediately 

22. I love that he loved my grandmas cooking (pork pie, salmon pie, mincemeat pie, basically any type of meat in a pie)

21. I love that he is funny and clever 

20. I love his complexion with his dark hair and dark eyes

19. I love that he never lets me leave the house mad at him or will call me and tell me he loves me just in case I get in an accident
18. I love he is ticklish
17. I love our marriage and life together
16. I love that he is so romantic
15. I love that Jeff is creative
14. I love his walk

13. I love that we fight about who Olive takes after more
12. I love that he reads
11. I love Jeff’s eyelashes
10. I love that he calls himself the “nameologist”
9. I love that no one can make Olive laugh as hard or as loud as Jeff can
8. I love that he is my biggest fan; there is no one out there that loves my photography more than Jeff

7. I love that he is literally the best chef I know
6. I love he is loyal
5. I love how he is “sick” of the dogs but every single night he and Sophie are cuddling asleep in bed together
4. I love how happy he makes me
3. I love that Jeff is such a hard worker
2. I love how sweet he gets when he is sick
1. I love how much Jeff loves and adores Olive and me


Happy 34th Birthday Love of my life


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