Elyse Hall


Hello world, it’s been a while.  Thus far I have liked to keep this blog strictly professional.  I do not get very personal on here, at all really, but I thought I would mix things up a bit and share some personal background about me with you.  So where to begin… I married my college sweet heart.  We both went to ASU, I of course went to school for Photography and he went to school for film.  We ended up getting married in August 2003, in Phoenix (What were we thinking; seriously it was like 140 degrees that day) regardless of the weather we had a lovely wedding.  After the wedding we both graduated from ASU, I started Elyse Hall Photography and Jeff went on to get his masters in education and is currently an amazing English teacher.  Six years after our BIG day we had our first daughter, Olive.  She is the most adorable, sweetest little girl ever.  She is obsessed with planning her birthday party and princesses, oh and having 4 kids when she grows up (where this comes from we do not know)!! We are so in love with her, she makes us laugh daily.  Then 3 years to the day (almost, their birthdays are actually 1 day apart) we had Lucy.  She is my angel baby. She lights up the room, she is the kind of baby that will snuggle with you for hours.  Lucy likes to give wet slobbery kisses and has the world’s best toothy smile. Every person in our house cannot get enough of her.   Our life can be crazy at times but we love it.   I feel so incredibly grateful everyday for the life that I have.  I really do have the world’s greatest job, the sweetest husband and the two most adorable girlies ever.   I know I am rarely personal on here, this is something I am going to try to be better about that.   ~xoxo~


Getting Personal