Elyse Hall


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Typically, November is a mild and beautiful month to have an outdoor wedding in Arizona. This past year, the week leading up to November 23 ended up being one of the wettest November weekends in Arizona history. So, shooting an outdoor wedding ceremony and dinner reception was going to be challenging, to say the least.

But let’s back up a little – to the adorable couple of Megan and Kyle. I fell in love with Megan and her vision of dancing under the stars at Paradise Valley Country Club. Not only are the views of Camelback Mountain incredible, the setting for the ceremony and outdoor dinner tent were gorgeous. Although the forecast turned to wet weather for the 4 days leading up to the wedding, including the wedding day – Megan, Kyle and their families stayed positive and even added some very clever elements – such as warm pashminas and umbrellas for each guest.

Paradise Valley Country Club offered warm hot cocoa and hot tea to make sure everyone was comfortable and warm. Tent provider, Party People and Wedding Planner, Imoni Events worked hand-in-hand in the hours leading up to the wedding to ensure that Megan’s vision of an outdoor dinner could still happen.  The romantic drapery and floral artwork by White House Design Studio made the tent a winter wonderland of love ~ and the couple and their guests enjoyed every minute of it. Look at all those smiles and all that dancing!

The clouds parted twice briefly, once for the first look and one last time for the touching ceremony.  Luckily, I had extra special photography gear for such occasion. Although the overcast skies were not Megan and Kyle’s ideal wedding day weather, it actually added to the romantic mood and enhanced the beautiful muted blues, greys and cream colors of the day.

I absolutely fell in love with Megan and Kyle and how head over heals in love they are with each other.  It was so sweet to watch Kyle look at Megan throughout the night with the biggest smile on his face and stealing kisses from his new wife. It is pretty spectacular to watch two people so in love join together with their vibrant, warm and loving families in rain or shine. No crazy weather could hold this party down – the night continued on at the indoor after party thanks to the awesome team from Desert House Productions.

This wedding was recently featured on Style Me Pretty and I couldn’t be more excited to share my images of this couple and their families! Make sure to check that out, HERE!

What a great wedding with a great family! XO


A Paradise Valley Country Club Wedding – Megan & Kyle – Style Me Pretty Feature