Elyse Hall


Photo of baby Scarlett sleeping Closeup photo of Baby Scarlett's mouth Daddy holding his newborn daughter photo of baby in basket with blanket baby Scareltt's little feet Photo of Scarlett while she sleeps New parents kissing newborn baby Scarlett Picture of newborn infant sleeping Photos of mother holding newborn baby Scarlett

Photographing a newborn baby is such a  joy for me. There is nothing like those first few days of infant-hood; their precious baby smell and their perfect skin. Mostly I love to watch how enamored the new parents and siblings are with this new life.

Baby Scarlett is just that – a perfect little life with her perfect little pink lips. Here mom and dad are completely in love with her and it was so adorable to watch. It took her a while to get to sleep, but once we did it was fun to get her nice and comfy for some really great newborn shots. I especially loved the photo with my daughters’ Bla Bla dolls. They worked out so perfectly!

Welcome to the world, Baby Scarlett.


Baby Scarlett