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I had the pleasure of photographing Laurea’s wedding seven years ago and so it was so awesome for me to be able to capture her son, Drew’s 6th birthday. As years pass by, family dynamics often change and so it was very important for Laurea to have a family-based photo shoot including her parents, her brother and of course . . . that ADORABLE son of hers. Some seasons of life may prove to be difficult, but it is important to take the time to capture all of the positive things like family and love.

Together they chose to have the photos taken in their childhood home where they all felt comfortable and relaxed – and I really love that you can see that natural joy through these images. Drew is just way too cute with his outfit and the gusto in which he is blowing out his birthday candle. That was one BIG wish!

This family is so sweet and there is so much love to celebrate!


Kerchenko Family & Drew’s Birthday