Elyse Hall


Little sisters photo shoot two sisters hugging

little girl photo shoot at Joe's farm grill


As you know I LOVE photographing families and kids – it is some of my most favorite work! Sometimes I like to (try to) take photos of my own adorable daughters – their sisterly love melts my heart. I say “try” because they don’t always cooperate, as to be expected with a 2 and 5 year old. Olive and Lucy have been photographed since the day they were born, so they are not intrigued with the camera and feel no need to “perform”. They get sassy, bored and distracted – but the few shots I do get are so real and sweet.

These three photos perfectly capture their personalities and spirits. I love to look at them and giggle to myself that my husband and I get to be parents to these beautiful and spunky girls. They are truly the best!

Have a wonderful weekend, XOXO!


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Olive & Lucy at Joe’s Farm Grill