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Sometimes you cross paths with others in life that truly love and understand what you do as an artist. Hilary and Norbie are two of those individuals – and that is in large part because they are both arists themselves. Hilary is an artist of all trades and Norbie is a professional glass blower – which is SO fascinating. During the span of our day together, they were so interested in the technical side of the photography – asking about lighting and composition. I loved their curiosity and took advantage of the beautiful light of the day to really capture some amazing and artist shots for them.

This couple lives in the Northwest, but choose Arizona for their destination Рbecause Hilary’s family spent most of her childhood vacationing in North Scottsdale at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale. Their beautiful ceremony and dinner was on Ironwood Lawn, adorned by the gorgeous pink, purple and green florals by Flower Studio. The colors of their wedding were so vibrant yet natural Рand really made the aethestics of the day and the surrounding landscape POP. After dinner they moved inside for mingling and dancing to the Infinity Band.

I adored Hilary’s flower crown and her bridal gown. The way it billowed in the breeze, but still stayed form-fitting was the perfect mix. Although Norbie would not consider himself a suit and bow-tie kinda-guy, He put on his dapper duds for Hilary and he pulled it off perfectly.

This was such a beautiful day, in so many ways – Congrats again to Hilary and Norbie!


Hilary & Norbie’s Four Seasons Resort Wedding

Four Seasons Wedding