Elyse Hall


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Daniel and Rachael both work for me at Elyse Hall Photography and they also happen to be a couple. How cute are they?!

Daniel has been working for me for 8 years and Rachael fills in for Dan whenever I need a thrid shooter. We all work so well together and really understand each other during a photo shoot or a wedding day. As a lead photographer/business owner – it is crucial and essential to have a team around you that you trust and love working with 100%.

Naturally, after 8 years, Daniel and I have a great working relationship. And, Rachael graduated from ASU with the same degree in Fine Art Photography as I did – so it is so fun to chat with her about her classes and the same professors we shared.

Over the summer, we had a little bit of free time, so we decided to do this mini-shoot in this super green and lush location. I loved how it turned out- and especially loved that gorgeous muted dress that Rachael wore. The whole vibe of these photos is super romantic and beautiful. I love photographing these two – they are so cute together!



Daniel and Rachael’s Romantic Mini-Shoot