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Earlier this fall, I had the pleasure of being the photography sponsor for the WIPA Phoenix: BE BOLD event! And, WOW Рthis event was BOLD. With Phoenix Art Museum as the setting Рindustry professionals flooded in for an evening affair of outstanding decor, interesting education, and amazing food and entertainment.

Rachael and Sam from Imoni Events gathered the most incredible vendors together and everyone in attendance had a blast! One of my favorite parts of the night were the custom paper art dresses, each designed by a talented stationer. The designs are INCREDIBLE!

For me, the WIPA Phoenix quarterly meetings are a time to connect with all of the best vendors in our market. Various wedding disciplines come together to celebrate the season past and ready ourselves for the season to come. Fellow photographers, wedding planners, event designers, entertainers, stationers, videographers, and venue managers share tips, talk strategy, and give advice to elevate our market to the best it can be.

I love being a part of this organization – and I loved being the photography sponsor for this event! It was an incredible night!

Vendors: Avant-Garde | kool. Party Retals | EventRents | Fabulous Foods | Celebrations in Paper | TreJa Vu | Vivifi Events | ArtTenders


WIPA Phoenix : Be Bold Event