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Details, details, details! Thats what I LOVE about Tara and Bernard’s wedding! There are endless gorgeous details of their wedding day that make everything so warm and beautiful. I am so excited that this wedding was just published on Style Me Pretty yesterday- so I wanted to share even more images from their Stonebridge Manor event.

First of all, I absolutely love the couple’s attire. Tara’s gown and Bernard’s whole look is just so perfect. There is so much personality with each component of the bridal party look – I think they did a fantastic job!

Secondly, I die for the color scheme and florals. The warm pinks, blues, greens, and golds are so rich and whimsical. Butterfly Petals nailed it with the floral decor- especially with the personal bouquets and the ceremony flower arch! That is a work of art!

Tara and Bernard’s story is so sweet and definitely worth a read: check out their story on the Style Me Pretty post HERE. Leave the couple a comment on the blog with your favorite detail- I know they will just love that after all of the hard work and preparation they did for their beautiful day!


Tara and Bernard’s Stonebridge Manor Wedding – Style Me Pretty Feature