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A common question I get is, “Do you have a million photos of your kids?” And my answer is always, “Not as many as I would like. . . ”

I rarely have a free weekend open and the time I do have I just soak up all of their hugs and giggles. On a rare occasion, I pull out my camera and try to capture the three most important people in my life – my husband Jeff (AKA Jefe), and my daughters Olive and Lucy.

On this day, I dressed them in all in their casual but cute outfits and we headed to one of our favorite neighborhoods in Mesa. I decided to pull out my Contax 645 for this shoot because I love all of the colors and the light was just so soft and yummy.

One thing you might not know about me is that I shoot film. I have been shooting film since my college days (circa 2002) and it is something I have always done for myself for my personal photos. Recently, I have been incorporating it more into my wedding work – as the appreciation and desire for film from my clientele has increased.

This shoot lasted all of 10 whole minutes – the total length of their attention span, as anyone with kids will attest to. But that 10 minutes was worth the toothless smiles and capturing Jefe being the most adorable dad ever. My girls don’t realize how lucky they are to have a man like Jeff as their Dad. It makes me so happy.


The Three Loves of My Life