Elyse Hall


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Ashley and Vince are a divine couple. They were so cool and confident during their planning process and more than anything – their love for one another shined through to everyone around them. I LOVE shooting at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and I love it even more when I have a wonderful couple and talented vendors! This couple loves the resort just as much as I do – so when they saw the Gold Room, they knew it was the perfect venue for them!

We all knew September 27 would be the day that went down in Arizona history for one of the biggest storms we have ever had. We were well aware of the severity of the storm that could blow through – but WOW – what a storm it turned out to be! Thankfully Ashley and Vince had Sam from Imoni Events and the amazing team at the Arizona Biltmore to create a perfect Plan B to accommodate all of their guests.

Ashley and Vince were troopers for the whole day – game for anything! It was very nice especially since we did get a short window of time outside in the beautiful gardens for their First Look. Shortly after, the skies turned black and the wind rolled in – so we headed inside the iconic resort to take shelter. Because of this, we got to shoot bridal party photos inside all over, especially in the Mystery Room. It was VERY cool!

A few of my favorite things from the day were the gorgeous blush and peach dahlias and floral design by Petal Pusher. They were so pretty and girly against the gold backdrop of the room. Also, one of my very favorite moments was Ashley’s First Look with her Father. The emotional moment was so sweet and I was glad I was able to capture it.

Much love to this couple! Xoxo


Ashley & Vince’s Arizona Biltmore Wedding