Memories with Meaning


Since the age of eight, I've wanted to be a photographer.

Now, 18 years and a degree in Fine Art Photography later, I'm happy to say I never lost sight of that dream.

My education, combined with my passion for a life well lived and natural talent for design, allows me to create artistic photographs that mean something to you. To capture moments that will genuinely move you...

...And to create an experience that's just as memorable as your photos. 

About Elyse Hall

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An Insider's Glance

I view my camera as a creative tool that tells your one-of-a-kind love story.

And I marry that with an artistic approach that encompasses the details and intimacy of your wedding day - that ultimately creates an extraordinary experience.


a Personal Process

To go through the motions is the opposite of being creative. So instead of taking an "insert couple here" approach to photography, I do my homework to ensure your photos reflect you.

I'll talk with your planner and florist (whom I most likely already know) before your wedding day arrives. I'll be at your venue walk-through with you, even if I've worked there before. And I'll form a plan that involves gorgeous light and the right places to bring your specific vision to life.

“I would say Elyse surprised me in the best way - with her personality and her honesty. She was a blast to work with and I had fun when she was taking our pictures. I loved that she would provide her opinion and give me honest feedback versus just going through the motions.”

Kristine, Bride

A natural leader

All weddings, no matter how meticulously planned, can be chaotic. Whether it's unexpected weather or family dynamics, there's no such thing as a truly perfect wedding day.

Thankfully, I thrive in chaos. And strive to get as close to perfection as humanly possible.

You'll find that I'm a take-charge, go-getter kind of person. I'm boisterous and honest. And I always have a contingency plan in mind - if not several.

I'm the type of person you want around on your wedding day. Someone who catches the subtle glances and stolen kisses shared between the two of you. And who seamlessly takes formal portraits so you and your family can enjoy cocktail hour.

A Designer's Mind

For me, your wedding is like fitting together the pieces of an intricate puzzle. So, at any given time, you’ll usually catch me thinking, "How does this detail or moment play into the overall design or feeling of the wedding?"

Part of how I solve the puzzle goes back to the skills I developed in school. I learned how to observe people in order to capture moments that perfectly highlight their interactions and chemistry. And how to color match and pair different color palettes together to complement one another.

I also learned the importance of taking every picture with purpose and intention.

So, I guess it's no wonder my lot in life was to be a photographer who fusses over the meaningful moments as much as the small details and big-picture aesthetic.

life & Love

Documenting the Moments That Create the Two

an Eye for Detail 

Having photographed luxury weddings for almost two decades, I know the amount of effort you'll put into perfectly planning your wedding in order to wow your guests.

It's only fitting that your photos reflect the same level of attention and care.

This is why I tweak little things here and there on the wedding day - like removing any unwanted items before snapping photos of you getting ready. And edit out exit signs in your reception images.

The result? Photos that are an even better version of your wedding day than you remember.

“Her attention to detail is impeccable, she always has an amazing way of capturing the day beautifully and making everyone look like a million bucks! She also is very organized in completing a shot list and styles details better than anyone I know.”

Amanda, bride

“You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so they need to do more than just take great photos, they become part of your memories and are there for your ​​​​​​​laughs, your tears and your special moments - this is why you want Elyse.”

At the end of the day, as loved ones pass and your memories start to fade, your photos are all you'll have of them and this day.

Make sure you remember them.

Moments That Matter